Locust Grove, VA

Overview of the area

Locust Grove is named after the black locust trees that are common in this area. Locust Grove is a community in eastern Orange County. Most of the current population is located along State Rt 3.

Overall Personality

Known for the history, specifically the battles that were fought here. The area is still considered rural, but close by there is plenty of shopping and restaurants.

Defining Characteristics

Locust Grove was established in 1714 by then Lt. Governor Alexander Spotswood. Locust Grove was considered the westernmost frontier, the Wilderness of Virginia.
There are 5 distinct hamlets that make up the town of Locust Grove. Germanna, The Wilderness, Flat Run, Gold Dale, and Indiantown.
Germanna, is outlined by the Rapidan River. This area is bordered by Culpeper County and Flat Run. Germanna Community College is located here.
The Wilderness, this is the home of Ellwood Manor which was the burial place of Stonewall Jacksons left arm, the remains of the Wilderness Tavern and the Wilderness Battlefield exhibit. It is bordered to the South by Spotsylvania County.
Flat Run, lies between the Wilderness and Germanna, along the Rt 3 corridor. It consists of Lake of the Woods and Meadows Farm Golf Course, which is home to the longest golf hole in the US, 841 yards.
Gold Dale, is located to the West of Rt 611 and South of Rt 20. Primarily this area is agricultural. Home of the Locust Grove Primary School. Close by, Rt 621 was used many times during the Civil War.
Indiantown, this area makes up most of the total area of Locust Grove, but is mostly undeveloped. Bordered by the Rapidan River on the North, Flat Run to the East and Rt 20 on the North. Indiantown is primarily wooded.
During the American Civil War the Rapidan River served as a portion of the front line between the Confederacy and the Union.
Old Plank Rd connected Fredericksburg with Culpeper. Where it crossed the Rapidan River it was referred to as Germanna Ford. Germanna Ford was used by the Union leading up to the Battle of Chancellorsville, Mine Run, The Wilderness and Spotsylvania Court House. Ulysses S. Grant’s headquarters were located 5 miles SE of Germanna Ford on a hill near the intersection of Rt 3 and Rt 20.

Noteworthy Attractions

Meadows Farm Golf Course
Miller Farms Market is a 3rd generation owned and operated business offering pumpkins, Christmas trees, fresh fruit and veggies. Pick your own is very popular here.
Wilderness Battlefield encompasses 7,342 acres spread over 145 square miles in four counties and the City of Fredericksburg. It is the 2nd largest military park in the world. The park owned portion of the Wilderness Battlefield is 2774 acres. Visitors can walk trails, take a driving tour, and visit the battle sites.
Kings Dominion theme park is located 50 miles away from Locust Grove. Just off Route 95 South. They offer amusement park rides, games and a water park for adults and kids of all ages.
Central Park is 17 miles away, just off Route 3 E. There are many different stores, specialty shops, a movie theatre, and a multitude of restaurants.


Major Highways. Route 3 is the main corridor. Locust Grove is a car-dependent county.

Types of homes

Mostly made up of single family homes.  Notable neighborhoods are; Lake of the Woods, Somerset, Wilderness Shores, and Germanna Heights townhomes.

Schools In the area

Primary K-2 is Locust Grove Primary
Elementary School is Locust Grove Elementary
Middle School is Locust Grove Middle
The High School, Orange County High School is actually located outside of Locust Grove

Annual Events

Lake of The Woods opens to the public for their annual parade and fireworks display for the 4th of July
Nearby there is: the annual Orange Street Festival, which is free and open to the public, Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair, and Virginia State Fair in Doswell, VA

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